Huawei, Samsung patent dispute first instance verdict: Huawei wins IPR infringement case over Samsung

On January 11, 2018, Shenzhen Court made a first instance verdict on Huawei’s suing Samsung for infringement of the patent. The court found Samsung’s infringement reality upon two 4G standard essential patents established, it must instantly stop manufacturing, sales and other violations of Huawei patent rights.

The patent dispute between Huawei and Samsung started in May 2016, when Huawei filed a lawsuit against Samsung in California and Shenzhen respectively for patent infringement. In June of the same year, Huawei again sued Samsung in Quanzhou, Fujian, claiming 80.5 million yuan. In July, Samsung filed a lawsuit with Huawei in Beijing for patent infringement, claiming 161 million yuan( $ 24.7m).

In all the above lawsuits, Fujian Quanzhou Intermediate People’s Court made a verdict in April last year. Quanzhou Intermediate People’s Court ruled that Infringement Samsung set up, requiring Samsung to stop production and sales of a total of 22 products, and compensation 80.5 million yuan ($11.6m; £9.3m). Samsung subsequently appealed the verdict, and Fujian Quanzhou Higher People’s Court rejected it and upheld the original verdict.


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