How to add music to Snapchat videos step by step

Snapchat counts its users by millions who post personalized photos and videos on the platform daily. Snapchat is periodically updated by adding new tools and features so that users can develop their creativity and create more attractive snapshots of videos and photos for their friends or audience. However, many Snapchat users do not find Snapchat’s features enough, such as the ability to add music to their Snaps.

We will show you step by step how to add Record videos on Snapchat with background music.

1. Play music through the songs stored in the gallery of his device, or taking advantage of other services such as Spotify or playback from the Internet.

2. The instant you want, open Snapchat and start recording a video. It does not matter if you record with the front or rear camera or the duration of it.

3. The music that is being played will be recorded next to the video, serving as a musical context.

And is that the music is recorded at a fairly high volume, which is an important part of the video, beyond a mere background melody to contextualize. Regardless of the volume that is being played. Even so, Snapchat keeps recording the ambient sound, so it can pick up the voice of the user, the sound of the place where it is, etc. Now, we must speak loudly to distinguish the voice or sound over music. With this, the content is ready to be shared: either with a specific contact, establishing the reproduction time before the content is eliminated, or attaching it to the user’s own history , where it will remain up to 24 hours so that any follower has access to it at any time of the day and as many times as he wants before it is finally erased.


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