Augmented Reality Glasses

There is a number of leaks that Apple constantly working on glasses technology with Augmented Reality, which we first met at the end of last year.

Other sources also talk about the tech company already launched a secret project called “Project Mirrorshades” which is working to develop future glasses with augmented reality would be compatible to connect wirelessly with the iPhone or Apple Watches.

The Financial Times recently reported that Apple is stepping up the development of augmented reality and suggests a possible launch date for this technology by 2nd quarter of 2018.

And now Apple is going to make its 1st major move into augmented reality with the launch of IOS 11 and ARKit, based on a set of API (Application Programming Interface) to allow developers to create their own augmented reality experiences in applications and games.

At the moment, we will be attentive to any newness that Apple has prepared in relation to the technology of augmented reality incorporated into their devices.



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