iPhone blocked illegally installation of IOS 11

Do you have an iPhone with iOS installed 11 without paying the fixed rate? Begin to say goodbye.

Apple currently launched iOS 11 Beta version only for developers who have paid for a license to build the testing preview.

Although beta version is dedicated only to developers “paying”, many have preferred to evade this tax trying illegally OS. As expected, Apple is not been watching but has already decided to take action by applying a penalty to those who have installed the operating system without an original license.

Apple blocks some iPhone

As we are informed by some users, Apple has started blocking all iPhone, iPad, and iPod with iOS 11 cracked license at the time of installation of the Beta 2. In fact, according to some witnesses, immediately after the user’s update, they were no longer able to start the phone it let alone use it. Despite this we have also tried to restore their smartphone, the whole thing was pointless given that due to this action smartphone remained useless completely.
Apple has confirmed this situation and explained that the only way to “catch” your device is to replace it, free of charge if under warranty otherwise pay. Congratulations to the genes that these days have invited illegal installation of this operating system.

The software is difficult to develop and require much physical and mental effort. Apple gives free the stable update but requires a small fee to be able to try all in beta. Pay a license equivalent to steal a car, no more and no less, and those who break the law you deserve to pay.



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