The World only country where iOS defeat Android in Sales

Android has a share of the global market that exceeds 70%. In many countries, it is higher, in others it is lower, but there is only one country where it is below iOS. Do you want to know what it is?

It is no secret that middle-class or upper-class Asians like the good, that they are gourmets and for the appearance is everything. And what phone to see in public makes you enter in the eyes of others in a certain “circle”? The iPhone.

This is why in China, for example, one in four devices sold in November 2017 was an iPhone. But this is nothing if we compare it with another country, also Asian, where Android has been kneeling for a while against iOS. And although every month the figure fluctuates a lot, it is amazing to see how Apple has conquered this country.

Japan, the most fanatical place for Apple iPhone

Japan is a strange country in terms of fashions, trends and everything that has to do with “being different” (in the eyes of a Westerner, of course). Also in technological matters, it is a country where PS Vita continues to sell at a good pace, while in the rest of the world failure is written in capital letters.

samsung vs apple market share 2017

Well, it is here, in the Japanese country where Apple is at home. A bit of the devotion that the Japanese themselves have to everything that comes from the US, but also because Apple has managed to connect very well with this audience and market. And if Apple knows something, it’s marketing.

While Android manufacturers make each war on their own and Google practically does not help to change this dynamic, iOS currently has a market share of 51.5%, by 48.5% of Android. Recall that the Cupertino just sell 5 or 6 models, while Android in Japan you can find more than 100 different.

And the question is, is it something now or was it always like that? Well if we look at 2012 figures provided by Kantar Worldpanel, iOS came to have a share of 73.9% in October of that year compared to 25% of Android. Or what is the same, for each Android, 3 devices were sold with the apple bitten on its back. A figure that can hardly be repeated.

The less it is curious to see how in Japan Apple harvests many better results than in their own country.



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