Google announced a number of new services and updates for Google lens, VR headset, Photo tools, VPS and Google home assistant in Google’s I/O annual developer conference 2017.Goole I/O bring about 7,000 developers together from around the world for exploring next-generation technologies.

Google Lens

Google lens is a centerpiece of keynote today, this app is used for image recognition that appears in front of the camera lens in real time, and it detected exactly and told you what it is.

Or, this feature gives you enormous cheer, you need to point it at near the label in the back of wifi modem, then apps will know its wifi password and it will connect you automatically without manual input.

Additionally, it would be part of Google Assistant and photo app, and can also use many functions just like use in the restaurant getting instant review or menus, scanning and translating a menu in a different language, and also show a photograph of meals listed on the menu.

No changes in Android Wear

At Google I/O conference 2016 few updates and improvements revealed for its Android Wear smartwatch, which helps you track your health and fitness.

There are no major changes shown currently even V2.0 launch in February, and we know that significant change did not work anytime soon. Rather Use was nowhere found at I/E, although nevertheless, we prepared ourselves for some new functions.

Daydream Virtual Reality (VR)

Google introduced its Daydream virtual reality (VR) system in last year, plus a good-searching (but unpleasant, for me personally at least headset you could slide a smartphone directly into your budget VR experience.

A couple of big announcement has been made on the front of Daydream because Samsung devices will work with Daydream, before that Samsung galaxy only works with only Gear VR and Oculus VR, owned by Facebook.

“Fantasy has already established a start that is difficult,” an expert with CCS Perception, said Geoff Blaber.

“Google may wish the actual problem remains deficiencies in content.” although that the devoted headset with exceptional efficiency will further increase the marketplace

In addition to VR, we noticed some tests with AR – Augmented Reality – that introduced the new engineering towards the class.

Visual Positioning System (VPS)

The majority of us are familiar with GPS – international positioning process – but that engineering can only just get you sofar. For travelling around huge places outside, however terrific, GPS has genuine disadvantages when you need something more appropriate.
Google feels VPS – location method that is visual – is HOWTO load that distance. Applying Tango, a 3D visualization engineering, what your location is, by having an accuracy of the few centimetres, VPS searches for recognisable objects around one to work out.

Clay Bavor, Google’s head of virtual reality, stated one software will be applying VPS to obtain the actual site of the merchandise in a big shop.
“GPS could get one to the doorway,” explained Mr Bavor on stage, “then VPS could get one to the exact item that you’re seeking for”.
The issue right now – and it’s a big one – is that seldom any smartphones now have Dance technology, therefore even when VPS was ready today, several people would be ready to use it. Lenovo released a Tango-enabled product and another is born sometime in 2017.

Google Assistant

Google Residence, the standalone that was company’s secretary, has created a modest start but nevertheless lags behind Amazon’s Alexa unit.

Google introduced a few new features built to put that hole. First is currently calling – you can now create calls utilizing the Home, and its voice recognition features make it possible for distinct household members to call the same House product from their particular different quantities.

The unit will even now offer positive information, rather than just answers to concerns you have questioned. The instance presented on stage was a warning about heavy traffic – by referencing Google Diary the helper was able to understand that the consumer would have to be someplace at a specified period, which traffic on the way was large.

An extremely fine-line is trodden by assistance” that is “Proactive – the unit presently work with a talk-when-voiced-to basis, and everyone wish to view it remain like that.

Google can also be currently delivering an SDK – software development package – to permit third party developers to integrate Google’s secretary into their own products. In the same being done by the reaction to Amazon with Alexa, this will come.

For me personally, my number one problem intensifies with Google Home: which you must state “Ok, Google” to wake up it. It’s an awful, cumbersome interaction, as I’ve published before, and that may feel worse when working with some of the new services planned. Change it, please!

Likewise major is Google’s conclusion to bring its software for the iPhone, in place of simply Android users. It may have iPhone users saying: Google assistant.”, opens up as someone here quipped


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