Foldable Phone Samsung

The CES Las Vegas is just around the corner. Next January 9 will give its particular kick-off one of the most important technology fairs worldwide where the leading manufacturers present their latest developments. Could we see the expected Samsung Galaxy X at CES 2018? most likely, or at least some of its versions.

It is not the first time that we see different prototypes of the first phone with a folding screen from Samsung, but the new patent of the Korean manufacturer shows a very interesting version of the Samsung Galaxy X which have price around US 800 dollars.

Foldable phone Samsung

the company has just requested the patent for a roller screen that can be activated and unlocked through a fingerprint system located at the base of the device. In this case, this curious version of the Samsung Galaxy X would mount a series of images that would be where the flexible and rolling screen will be located.

As you can see, the manufacturer based in Seoul has patented two versions, one that has a body in square shape and another system that would bet on a cylindrical body. Anyway, both devices count with a fingerprint sensor that would serve to display the rolling screen with a simple touch with your finger.

For now, we can not guarantee if this version of the Samsung Galaxy X will have phone functions or what exactly it will serve but seeing its design and appearance the possibilities that a device of this type could offer are really interesting.

If we think about this kind of electronic scroll would become an ideal ally to read books, magazines or documents much more comfortable. To start this kind of Samsung Galaxy X roller would have much more restrained dimensions because we would only have to unroll your screen when you want to use.

foldable phone samsung

In this way, we have a device that will occupy little and when we feel like reading a book, for example, you only need to unroll your screen to enjoy these contents. In the same way, it can be a very useful device to watch multimedia contents.

Now we just have to wait for the next edition of the CES in Las Vegas and confirm that Samsung is going to present these models of the Samsung Galaxy X since we must remember that the manufacturer works on a version of its ultra-resistant flagship and this movement could delay the launch of the Samsung Galaxy X.



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