chaiOS Bug - Is iMassage Bomb that will freeze your iPhone,iPad and Mac

The security flaws of Apple IOS are usually ringing. And now we are echoing news again through a tweet by @cheesecakeufo; a new bug has been detected that you can block any iPhone with just one message. It’s that simple

It is not the first time that a security breach of this type is detected; A few months ago through a message, you could block an iPhone with iOS 10. Now, Apple returns to the old ways, with another case of a text message that can not only block the iPhone but also affects any device of the company that works with iOS or Mac, independently of its version.

This new bug in iOS and Mac called chaiOS and it takes advantage of a security flaw in the iMessaging App to load a code that blocks your iPhone, tablet or Mac, causing them to slow down, stop working and even can restart.

The new bug is a link, as you can see in the tweet published by the person who faces this issue, it takes us to the GitHub page where the link that allows manipulating Apple devices. As is legal, we should only use the link in any case for testing purposes, and never send it in bad faith to someone with the aim of blocking iPhone or restarting later.

How to temporarily fix the chaiOS bug

If you are affected by this bug on your iPhone until Apple launches an update to solve this problem you just have to send a message to any contact from the Contacts app to solve the problem.

Apple has not ruled on this security flaw and, although they are probably already working on a solution, it may take weeks to arrive. And one thing to be clear this bug does not damage your device permanently and luckily, you know how to solve this.


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