Bixby is Samsung’s virtual assistant, which was announced concurrently with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus last March. The digital assistant also makes the move to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 presented yesterday and is called by the special physical button on the side. Bixby is integrated into all of your phone’s features and can help you navigate traffic, record notes or search for additional information. All this goes very easily. You can call the assistant through your voice or, for example, open the camera. Point your sight on what you want to know more about and finish it up. The software immediately seeks additional information about what you designate.

Contrary to previous announcements, it appears that Samsung Now it’s up to a real Bixby speaker. Last July we reported on this message but the core did not last long. No week later, DJ Koh, president of Samsung, responded that rumors did not match anything. One would not intend to enter the speaker market as it is largely saturated by parties like Amazon with their Echo speaker. Today, however, the prominent announces that a new Bixby speaker is in the pipeline. This is done to provide the best possible experience for Samsung users. The South Korean company is currently implementing a wide range of home appliances that are often connected to the Internet. Bixby is, therefore, the ideal interface for operating these devices.

DJ Koh did not make any announcements about the actual completion, specifications, price tag or date of appearance but mentioned that the speaker was launched “soon”.



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