Microsoft launched its Chrome OS rival, Windows-10 S at their education function in New York today. The software maker is fast to expose only Windows Store Apps will run on Windows-10 S, and Windows chief Terry Myerson ” this new OS will run any browser in the Windows Store”.

Its true users can download and run any browsers on this window 10’S but Microsoft restrict users from altering the default browser on new OS. Microsoft admits “you are able to download another browser that might be available from the Windows Store, but Microsoft Edge will remain the default browser”.

This is clear that microsoft bound users to use edge as default browsers instead of other browsers. When you click HTML link edge is open as default browser even you dont want it to happen.

From changing to Google or additional providers, Microsoft is stopping customers. Although, the reason behind this course of action by Microsoft continues to be not solved from the organization.

It’s to become mentioned that Google may react to this program of action. May they provide Opera towards not or the Windows Store?

It’ll be fascinating to determine whether Windows customers may perform from the guidelines which Microsoft has established or may they be crucial of it?



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