Everything You Need to Know about How to Free up Space On iPhone

Surely it has ever happened to you that you have run out of space on your iPhone or iPad and you do not know exactly why. The answer is that there are many applications that save temporary files and useless caches that they do not erase, so these are stored and occupying useless space on your device. Today, we teach you to recover all that space back.

 Most users that have an iPhone or an iPad have the lowest capacity versions, as we know, the majority of sales are carried by 16 GB versions, which are usually more than enough, and are also the most economical versions.

 However, sometimes we can see a warning that we are running out of space on our iPhone and cannot install more games or applications. Moreover, if you connect your iPhone or iPad to iTunes you will see that there is a bar at the bottom that tells you how many GB are occupying different types of content.

Is your iPhone 6 storage full? Follow these steps to free up space on iPhone

 The yellow with Others usually occupy several GB, which as we will see in this article most of them are useless because they are only caches of applications, messages, games or unnecessary temporary data.

1. Clean Safari history and Navigation data

One of the main things we have to take into account is to try to perform the cleaning of navigation data on a regular basis. This type of data is accumulating and can reach hundreds of MB on your iPhone. To clean it simply go to Settings > Safari > Clear history and website data.

 2. Turn off My Photos in streaming

Apple’s streaming photos service automatically saves the last 1K photos in your gallery and takes them to other devices configured with the same iCloud library. In some cases, this may occupy some space of your iPhone or iPad, so it would be advisable to deactivate My photos in streaming, for this you have to go to Settings > iCloud > Photos and Camera  > My photos in streaming. 

Turn off My Photos in streaming

3. Take Advantage of online storage “iCloud Photo Library”  for saving space on your iPhone

The iCloud photo library is online storage service offered by Apple to save space on your iPhone, you have to just enable it and then you have instantly freed up so much needed space on your iPhone.  Just doing this step keep in mind you have much available space in your iCloud and you can’t access iCloud offline.  You only have to activate the function from Settings > iCloud > Photos and Camera > iCloud photo library.

 It is important to keep in mind that each iCloud account has a free storage space of 5 GB, although these can be expanded. You can also use other services that offer free online space just like Google photos, Dropbox or Flickr.

4. Delete temporary files

 Using Apps such as PhoneClean or PhoneExpander you can automatically clean or delete the temporary files on your iPhone, this deletion does not cause the device to malfunction. This is a quick way to save storage space.

4. Remove and reinstall storage hungry Apps

You can perform this step by removing and reinstalling storage hungry Apps on a regular basis to clear the cache of the apps and thus get a higher speed of performance on your iPhone.

 follow these simple steps for deleting and reinstalling for App

go to Settings > General >  Storage & iCloud Usage. 

 Remove and reinstall storage hungry Apps

Under the Storage, tap on Manage Storage, here you will see the storage hungry Apps, just delete and reinstall these App and get free space and high performance on your iPhone.

5. Delete the games you do not use

It is normal that the applications of games are small, but there are some that can occupy up to 1 GB by having 3-D graphics.

Delete the games you do not use

Sure you have downloaded games that you do not open a long time ago or that you have not even finished. Just like Angry Birds and Candy Crush etc., delete them. You can do it from the storage manager.


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