Samsung new flagships, Galaxy S8 unveiled on Wednesday as the market leader seeks to rebound, Galaxy S8 represented as the very best  of what android smartphone are capable of, its pack with many unique innovative features which is unheard before in the smartphone market .

In this article, we are going to discuss 5 unique features of S8 that’s make worth over the IPhone 7 and LG G6. These innovative features make Galaxy S8 is a potent handset. Here are the best features of S8 that’s make it killer of iPhone 7.

Samsung  Photo
Samsung photo

Infinity Display:

Samsung famous due to having one the best display in the market. Galaxy S8 is pack with one the most striking feature “Infinity Display”. Galaxy S8 distinction and bringing curved to all S8 handsets that’s gone minimizing the frame or bezel surrounding the display. Home button embed under the screen that’s shown S8 completely redesign from inside to out.


Samsung introduce new digital system Bixby, you can use voice, text or touch to say what you need since it understands all three. Bixby will do more than its revival Apple Siri, it’s able to handle task you normally perform on your handset.

Samsung Photo
Samsung Photo

IRIS Scanner and Face Recognition

Samsung  Galaxy S8 are fully loaded biometric smartphone which have finger print scanner on its back near to rear camera and  add new face reorganization scanner on front that’s unlock phone quickly, these two features make S8 unique than any other smartphone currently available in the market.

Dex Station

Samsung introduce new device Dex Station that will connect your Galaxy S8 to monitor, keyboard and mouse for desktop experience, so you can turn any place into your workplace.

Samsung Photo
Samsung Photo

Dex station is just plug_and_play to view your Apps, documents and sending emails. You can download Microsoft Word and Power point to use.

Battery and Safety

Galaxy S8 comes with 8-point battery checks which comes through the extreme battery checking at each phase by X-ray and human eye to ensure high quality because  last year company suffered big loss due to battery catch fire. Galaxy S8 is IP68 certified that’s mean its resist up to 30 minutes in 1.5 meter water.

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