Google deleted 60 games from its Play Store after pornographic ads were found

The malware takes many forms to get users to fall into the trap, but what is not so common is that the target of the attackers are children. The security firm CheckPoint has published a report about a malware called AdultSwine that, among other tactics, shows ads of pornographic themes in children’s apps.

AdultSwine is a family of malware that has been found in more than 60 Apps and games in the Play Store, many of them aimed at children, which account for three to seven million downloads. However, although showing porn ads in children’s apps is your most surprising (and not for good) mode, you can use other tactics to get money or data theft.

Google removed more than 60 infected apps from Play Store and blocked their publishers.

A Google spokesman said: “We’ve removed the apps from Play, disabled the developer’s accounts, and will continue to show strong warnings to anyone that has installed them.”

Google deleted 60 games from its Play Store after pornographic ads were found

The above image that illustrates this text you can see an example of an inappropriate ad displayed within a child application, according to CheckPoint one of the most ‘light’. Besides, it appears one of the different negative evaluations of a father or mother indignant with the situation. The objective of this type of attack is to obtain income through this advertising, but there is more.

Another AdultSwine tactic is Scareware, or what is the same, to scare the user with alarming banners that make him install other malicious apps. The trick is usually the same: it tells us that the mobile has been infected and urges us to download an app that supposedly eliminates the infection but is another malware.

The third technique of AdultSwine is to make us subscribe to SMS Premium services without knowing it. In this case, it usually uses as a reminder notices that tell us that we have won a prize and that we enter our mobile number to receive it. The result is that a premium messaging service is activated that could significantly increase the bill.

You have to make security measures on your gadgets, for this purpose, Google introduces safety feature called Google Play Protect, which checks and scans Apps when you download and install them,
this application periodically scans your device for harmful apps and remove them.



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