With the arrival of Android Oreo, Google also unveiled a new project called Android Go, with this project, Mountain View seeks to bring its operating system to new emerging markets, in many countries on continents such as Africa, America or Asia The entry range of smartphones is what dominates the market, and Google will seek to reach those users.

Android Go is a lite version of Android Oreo, intended for those smartphones which have very basic specifications, such as those with 1 GB of RAM or less. According to the Android Authority, the big G is preparing to launch the first smartphones in India with Android Go, at a break-even price of just around 30 dollars. It’s definitely something we want to see.

Google is going to launch Android Oreo (Go edition) for entry-level smartphone just in 30$

Google is preparing to launch Android Oreo in its Go version in India.
Everything indicates that Mountain View has very advanced conversations with companies such as Micromax, Intex or Lava; in order to launch 4G smartphones with the Android Go operating system, at a super affordable price hovering around 30 dollars. According to the sources, the idea of ​​Google is to reach that market with mobile phones at a price of about 2,000 Indian rupees that the change is about 31 or 32 dollars, an incredibly low price.

The lite version of Android Oreo called Android Go, was created to replace the original version in a smartphone with very modest specifications, since it occupies less space in a smartphone, manages the data connections quite well, and has versions of the applications that more we use daily adapted for Android Go. Those of Mountain View have thought very well where they want to take their small version of Android Oreo, which are the new emerging markets like the Indian.

Some rumors say that those of Mountain View with the companies that carry out this project has planned to publicize the first smartphones with Android Go on January 26, or in less than a month. Normally entry-level smartphones are around $ 100, a little more a little less, but with this new Google project, we will see phones that are around $ 30 with pure Android Oreo, something that to date had not seen a smartphone with software updated at that price.

Google is going to launch Android Oreo (Go edition) for entry-level smartphone just in 30$

We must wait for Google to end up confirming this news because so far they have not spoken about it. But if the rumors end up being true, in less than a month we will know the first smartphone with Android Oreo in its variant Go, at a price of approximately $ 31. With this strategy, there is no doubt that the Giant will begin to reach many more users around the world.


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