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The rush is always bad advisors and I’m sure that at some time you had to take the iPhone out of your pocket and quickly start taking pictures or recording an event without realizing that the orientation of it was not entirely correct, and the image has gone well backward or on the side. In such cases, if you want to know how to turn a video we can use several Apps that we show below.

But this may not be the only reason you may want to rotate a video or picture, but maybe also you find a recorded video that just will not be quite right in the position where we have made the recording, forcing us to rotate if we want the resulting video is perfect. In the App Store, we can find a large number of applications that allow us to perform this work while retaining the same resolution without altering video quality. Here we show you the best Apps to rotate videos from your iPhone/iPad.

iMovie by Apple

Let’s start with the free application that Apple offers us not only to create great videos but also allow us to edit them to cut them and rotate them. This time we only discuss this Applications features how to rotate the video in iPhone or iPad.

1- First download iMovie from the App Store and install it
2- Launch iMovie and open your Project
3- At the bottom of the screen, tap on the hare
4- On the screen that appears, select Create movie
5- With your thumb and forefinger, convert the video clockwise or counterclockwise until you get the correct orientation
6- Press the share button and touch Save video. You must save the video in a resolution that matches your original video quality.

After saving, the new video will be available with new orientation in your photo library. You can repeat the steps, as many times as necessary to achieve the orientation you want for all your other videos as well.

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Video Rotate And Flip By Wander Bit

Video Rotate and Flip is a free tool that can be used to rotate and flip a video. The free version of this App includes ads but you need to buy for $ 0.99.

The steps to rotate the video with this App are the same as iMovie but the options may vary depending on the device and the version you are using.

1- Download App and install on iPhone/iPad
2- Tap the button in the upper left corner.
2- Select the video you want to rotate
3- Click on the “Rotate Button” in the lower left corner. Keep pressing the button until the video is in the desired orientation.
4- Click on the Export button in the upper right corner to export the copy of the video with the correct orientation in the Photos application.

how to rotate a video by Video Rotate And Flip By Wander Bit

When you export the edited video, you will be asked to choose the video compatibility. Ideally, videos should be compatible with all video players. This means that the application will rotate each frame of the video. The alternative option is that the application will modify only the orientation flag. It means that the video will be compatible with iOS and Quicktime, but it may not be compatible with other video players.

After selecting the compatibility options, the Share screen appears. Touch Save video to save the changes made and to store the video in your iCloud account or iPhone or share it via Email and Facebook.

Video rotate and flip supports “Action Extensions” for the iPhone and the iPad. This option allows you to activate the extension in the Photos application and rotate the video within the application.

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Video Rotate & Flip – HD By Francis Bonnin

Video Rotate & Flip – HD is similar to iMovie in mostly functionality, you can use regularly to rotate videos when you need to do so. Video Rotate & Flip allows us to rotate the video in any orientation and offer us the mirror mode to flip video horizontally, which gives us very few Apps in the App Store.

 Video Rotate & Flip – HD By Francis Bonnin

This application is compatible with both the iPhone and the iPad. Video Rotate & Flip has a regular price at $1.99 App Store and one of the best applications available in the Apple App Store.

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