In fact, the HTC U11 is quite a different smartphone as compared to its predecessor and the very first smartphone who gets the IP67 certification that is a good addition given a great deal of its competitors is providing similar functionality.

But there’s 1 thing HTC still knows the way to do, it’s building a distinctive and excellent hardware. HTC is among the very first in industries to bring the Snapdragon 835 out in a significant handset. HTC also included an artificial intelligence computer software assistant named HTC sense, which offers contextual info, suggestions based on where you are. HTC is selling it through its site for $649, and it is also possible to get it on Amazon for the exact same price.


The HTC U11 has a striking appearance. When we lifted the lid of the container and removed the plastic in which the device was packed, we watched with fascination the shiny and reflective back. The reflective backplane is a treasured endeavor. We dared him almost touching because we were afraid to foul the back. And indeed, at the slightest touch appear fingerprints on the once glossy back panel. To ensure that the HTC U11 as much retains its luster, HTC has a transparent cover or ClearCase added to the box. The back is true remains a lot cleaner, but the hard plastic of the cover somewhat ruined the premium experience when grabs it.

HTC U11 gives shiny and mirror effect, like HTC, has developed a new production process. In addition, a plurality of thin layers with precious minerals is laid on top of each other. These minerals make sure the light is broken on the back panel and is reflected in a unique way. As a result, each one shines slightly different than the other. If you rotate the device you see that sparkle effect best. HTC’s marketers have this production given a special name: Optical Spectrum Hybrid Deposition. The naming of this process might still deserve some attention, HTC knows how to get customers attention.

Like many competing flagships HTC has used a combination of metal and glass to give the HTC U11 shape. The frame is made of aluminum, the front and back of 3D Glass. This gives him of its symmetrical design. If you just think away the camera and viewing the flagship of the side, top and bottom seem like two drops of water on one another.


Looking at the front, we see a big difference competing flagships. We have multiple smartphones edgeless screen pass by in the first months of the year. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 are the best known of such ‘bezel-less screen or edge-to-edge display. The makers are so proud that they screens have given a name. Samsung calls this Infinity display, LG keeps it at Full Vision Display. HTC U11 only thin edges on the left and right of the screen. Above and below, the company has still left a lot of space for the speaker, camera, and home button.

If you look around the HTC U11, see no headphone jack. To be able to listen to your favorite music, HTC has a USB Type-C conceived to 3.5 mm audio jack adapter. You can connect your old familiar headset. You can also use the USonic HTC earphones. In the section “Audio” We are still implementing considers the sound quality and experience of the HTC U11 and HTC’s ear.

The SIM card tray we find at the top. On the right are the volume buttons and placed on/off switch. Underneath we find the USB-C connector, a speaker, and a microphone. If you look carefully, you’ll find four microphones. On the back, we find only the logo, the 12-megapixel camera, and dual-LED flash. The antenna tapes are subtly incorporated in the top, bottom and sides.

However, the biggest change compared to its predecessor is not visible to the naked eye that is its IP67 certification. That means you do not have to worry if you accidentally a glass of water on the phone or drop it in a bucket of water. HTC warns in lowercase to moisture and water ‘may not be covered under warranty. By wear namely decreases over time on the water resistance of the device. Simultaneously, the manufacturer states that you can immerse HTC U11 half an hour in fresh water at a depth of 1 meter.


The screen has a diagonal of 5.5 inches. Thus the screen of the HTC U11 is a fraction smaller than its predecessor, the HTC U Ultra. The resolution is also identical, with 2560 by 1440 pixels. Because of the smaller screen, the pixel density is slightly higher: this is 534 ppi.

HTC display

Samsung and other manufacturers have been using AMOLED screens but in contrast, HTC insists on the Super LCD5 display. This means U11 does have quite a chunky bezel too and the brightness levels could be a tad higher, especially for outdoor use.

But overall, the HTC U11 has an excellent screen, but cannot compete with the iPhone for example 7 or Samsung Galaxy S8.


The rectification that HTC already made last year with the camera of its high end is confirmed in this HTC U11. You may not be able to reach the top three phones globally but it’s very close. If you choose it as the camera of your next phone, you will not be disappointed at all.

The HTC U11 has a 12-megapixel camera with Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF), optical and electronic image stabilization, f / 1.7 aperture, white balance, and improved dual LED flash. The new feature HDR Boost quickly focus on your subject, that’s not the only thing that is good: HDR Boost makes multiple measurements of light and dark spots and optimizes it to achieve a more balanced picture. You can shoot a video in 4K quality with a frame rate at 30 frames per second, Temporal Noise Reduction reduces the amount of noise to a minimum and Sound take in 360 degrees to microphones on the front and back.


The selfie camera has a higher resolution as compared to a rear camera, with 16 megapixels. This admittedly has a smaller f / 2.0 aperture but has the same noise reduction technology as the front camera. To shoot the best self-portraits, you can use the options auto selfie, automatic timer and Edge Sense. For video calls you can use front camera in full HD


The HTC U11 comes with the latest and most powerful processor from Qualcomm at the moment: the Snapdragon 835. This is a 64-bit Octa-core processor which have 2.45 GHz frequency that’s unprecedented computing power for a smartphone: some laptops do not even have such a fast processor.

As if a swift chipset is not enough: the processor is assisted by the Adreno 540 GPU and 4 GB of memory. On top, you get HTC whopping 64 GB of internal memory which can expandable up to 256 GB via microSD card.


HTC U11 Hardware Specifications

BODY                                                          153.9 x 75.9 x 7.9 mm

PROTECTION                                                IP67 certified

DISPLAY                                                      Super LCD 5.5 inches

RESOLUTION                                                2560 x 1440 pixels

PROCESSOR                                                 Snapdragon 835

GPU                                                             Adreno 540

RAM                                                            4 GB DDR4

WEIGHT                                                      169 grams


MEMORY                              64 GB Built-in and expandable up-to 2 TB via micro-SD Card

SOFTWARE VERSION                      Android 7.1 with HTC Sense

CONNECTIVITY        Bluetooth v4.2, USB 3.1 (Type-C), NFC, WiFi 802.11 a / b / g / n / a

Camera                          12-Megapixel at rear and 16-Megapixel at front

BATTERY                                  3,000 mAh battery with Quick Charge

PRICE                                                                 $ 649


The HTC U11 is a stunning smartphone. Especially the blue color that we have evaluated is striking, in a positive sense. Both the benchmark results as everyday use show that we can not complain about the performance. The camera is one of the strengths of HTC’s flagship. Allows you shoot gorgeous photos, and your sharp and non-jerky video, even in 4K. The sound from the speakers is one of best -if not the best- we’ve ever heard. And with the 3000 mAh Battery Quick Charge 3.0 gives you even when used intensively the end of the day.

Although the HTC U11 can easily keep up with the competition, HTC suffers from an image problem. The flagship looks dazzlingly beautiful, but smartphone users seem more enamored of manufacturers like Huawei and Samsung. Whether the Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC may change with the U11, is an interesting question. On paper, the flagship is a noteworthy alternative and a solid competitor to other high-end flagships. Or consumer is perceived as still questionable. With us, the HTC U11 positive impression anyway behind. We do recommend HTC to tinker with the sale price of the HTC U11 as some alternatives tens of euros are cheaper.

Pros HTC U11:

  • Top Performance
  • Good battery life
  • Camera
  • extendable memory
  • Good sound from the speakers

Negatives HTC U11:

  • No AMOLED display
  • Edge Sense is Half-baked










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