Huawei G10

Technology lovers are counting the days for China’s giant Huawei to introduce its next flagship. We are talking about Mate 10, which is a high-end smartphone that generates high expectation, but recently has been known in China another device developed by Huawei that would take by name outside Asian territory Huawei G10 and would debut a few days before Mate 10.

A few days ago Huawei revealed that he plans to introduce a new flagship on September 22, this would take six names inside the Chinese territory, but outside this is expected to be identified Huawei G10 or G10 Plus.

The company itself shared a teaser image that makes the phone look very good and confirms that it will be the first smartphone of the manufacturer with a widescreen. Since as shown the image will have a screen ratio of 18: 9, hours later than Huawei launched the teaser was able to see a prototype of the Huawei G10 and could be portrayed in a photo shoot which confirms its screen appearance and some features of the device.
It is assumed that the Huawei G10 will have a display similar to the Mate 10 in size refers, but the cost of the G10 will be much lower. The screen of the new flagship would be 5.9 inches in FullHD resolution with a ratio of 18: 9, which would allow you to have enough small frames, so Huawei would be riding the smartphone screen, but this will not be its only quality.
The smartphone powered by Kirin 659, accompanied by 4GB of RAM and its storage would reach 64GB. As expected that the battery of this flagship will be 3,240 mAh so it will have to be tested to know the hours of the screen that can offer this battery and also know if it holds the full day.

Huawei G10

The dual rear camera will be incorporated in this smartphone, one of them will be 16 megapixels and the other is 2 megapixels, but its differentiating point lies in the front, where the flagship will incorporate as in the back a dual photographic sensor, one of the 13 megapixels and the other of 2 megapixels.

The new Huawei G10 will be presented next week on Asian territory, so we will be attentive to know the price that will hit the market and its availability in both European and American territory is undoubtedly a very interesting bet on the part of Huawei, if its price is not very high could have a good acceptance in the market.


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