The European Image and Sound Association (EISA) awarded Huawei P10 as the “EISA Smartphone Camera 2017-2018”. This honor perceives Huawei’s commitment regarding quality, design and overall performance, which expands on the organization’s reputation of presenting upscale, powerful, award-winning gadgets.

The award was delivered on August 15 and it should be noted that EISA brings together 53 media outlets from 25 countries specializing in consumer electronics.

Also, the award for P10 adds to a list of distinctions achieved by the flagship devices of the multinational technology. Starting with the HUAWEI P6 in 2013, the Huawei P-Series has been awarded the “Best Consumer Smartphone” for four consecutive years.

In awarding the award to Huawei P10, the EISA highlighted:

“The latest flagship device from Huawei is an improvement in almost every aspect. Beginning with its design, including a diamond-cut chassis that highlights its new color range, followed by the inclusion of a faster and safer eight-core processor, the Kirin 960, to finish with its most outstanding feature: Cameras created in conjunction with Leica. The dual system in the rear now includes a monochrome sensor with 20 million pixels, plus a color sensor with 12 million pixels, allowing the introduction of a new Ideal Portrait Mode to create stunning photographs. At the front we find an 8 million pixel camera with an f/1.9 aperture ideal for creating Selfies, Which also supports portrait mode thanks to Leica’s intelligent technologies included, which are able to recognize that there are more people in the frame, adapting the shot to not leave anyone outside. And for an even more professional photographic experience, EISA recommends the Huawei P10 Plus. “


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