Huawei is one the best-selling smartphone company in market and take pinnacle spot as the biggest mobile manufacturer in china. According to current economic effects their fulfillment is ever growing and first time company announce officially sale data of Huawei Mate 9.

Huawei successfully sold 5 million units of Mate 9 in just four month after the release of flagship. Mate 9 sales growth 36% more than its predecessor Mate 8, originally flagship was released in November 2016 and breaking 5 million handset sold till March 2017.


In addition, company already sold 12 million units of P9 which is 152% more than company airc raft P8 and P9 is first Huawei flagship to reach 12 million sales.

Huawei already introduce successor P10 and set target over the 10 million after for its release in this month


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