Huawei Mate 10 release date, price specifications

Have to admit that, to a product model X is a very cool practice. After Apple, Huawei seems to have decided to follow this wave.

It is also interesting to say that Huawei is going to launched new Mate series in this year and they also planning to introduce Mate 10 new smartphone. X this letter in the Roman numerals just also represents the “10”, so this year’s new Mate named is “Mate X”, but also has a good reason – after all, “Mate 10” and “Mate X” Pronunciation can be exactly the same, while rubbing iPhone X heat is also very conducive to their own marketing.

At present, it is certain that the Huawei Mate 10 (or Mate X) will be equipped with a 6-inch 18: 9 screen, the machine with “full screen” design style. Built-in Kirin 970 processor, and will be the main feature of some artificial intelligence. Both back and front camera setups combine a high-resolution sensor (16-and 13-megapixels, individually) with an optional 2-megapixel module each.

As expected phone will be available for purchase in next month in three different colors black, blue and gold at the price of $445.


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