Instagram test allows to share others Users posts in Stories

Instagram day by day tests new functionalities for its App and soon a quite invasive one could arrive according to what has been seen in beta.

Today new features have been tested to share the publications of other users in Instagram stories, but in start now only a very small and exclusive group have access to this feature.

Now, of course, this feature at the moment only works with accounts that are public. So, if a friend posts a photo of you and your account is private, it can not be shared directly.

And if the account is public and you do not want others to share your publications, at least you can disable the option in Settings, scrolling down in the section “Allow sharing stories”. It will be enough to disable it.

All this adds to features that have come days ago, such as stories that only contain text at the beginning of February or the possibility of tracking hashtags in December.

While in the future, they could also land the video calls or even the much-requested native button of re-gram, but in the meantime, you have to keep waiting.


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