iPhone beats Samsung in Q4 2017 sales report by CIRP

The United States is one of largest smartphone consumer market in the world and CIRP has been released smartphone sales data by the end of 2017. For the fourth quarter ended in 2017, the US market for mobile phones data shows that Apple’s market share of the latest smartphone, the iPhone X, was 39%, keeping the number one position in the US and Samsung’s Followed by 32% hot pursuit.

Apple’s smartphone iPhone X has been a source of inspiration for its groundbreaking market since it was introduced, such as using organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screens that are installed with the “full-screen configuration” to remove the traditional iPhone “Home” button and so on. So despite the high cost, iPhone X is still a hot topic in the consumer market.

By the city agency “Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP)” data show that in the fourth quarter of 2017, Apple relies on the latest iPhone X, in one fell swoop from 29% in the third quarter rose to 39% Firmly sit the new device hit the market leader in the throne. Second place was Samsung with 32%, third place LG with 13% and other brands totaling 16%, including Motorola and others.

Report: iPhone beat out Samsung in US smartphone sales last quarter 2017

Review the fourth quarter of 2017, Apple’s largest event is the official iPhone X sale. From September to November, Apple launched three new handsets, the iPhone 8, the 8 Plus and the iPhone X, respectively. In the fourth quarter, Apple added 10% of its new cell phone activation rate due to the iPhone X, It is also expected. In addition, Kantar research survey also pointed out that in November 2017, iPhone in the United States also accounted for the top smartphone sales in the top three.


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