BBC iPlayer voice controlled system

The Microsoft and BBC are working together to make revolution in the world of the televising. The two giants have developed an iPlayer service system that integrates intelligent voice recognition and other AI functions.

Recall that iPlayer is the BBC’s online playback platform, and now its command system could change since login works with voice recognition. Yes, as it sounds. It is only necessary to say the name and a later sentence that must be configured in advance.
After that, the iPlayer compares the voice pattern that was previously configured to allow or deny the login.

That is just the beginning, once you have entered the iPlayer playback system you can use voice commands to search programs to watch. The user can say the name of the series or make more general requests like “News, talk shows, movies and cartoon etc” so that the application presents a list of programs of that particular kind.

Now, the voice commanding system is not new we already familiar with Windows 10 Cortana for voice recognition that’s already supported several Windows 10 Apps and now the only thing to see iPlayer comes with UWP App or Microsoft Cortana.



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