Nokia 3310 (2017) handset relaunching announcement made ahead of Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. Nokia 3310 is most popular and bestselling features phone over 126 Million handsets sold before its phased out in 2005.

New version of handset launched by HMD Global under the license of Nokia, which is also going to unveils more Nokia handset 3,5 and 6 under the umbrella of android. This handset operates at 2.5 G connectivity which is slower than 3G and 4G, handset loaded with S30+ operating system which allow web surfing with small range of App as compared to Android and IOS.

Design of nokia 3310

Ah the nostalgia… The new handset is not like the original but it close enough to raise good old bit. The new handset comes with the round edge shape and silhouette. Front side comes with button like

The new handset is not giving feel like 3310 on the off chance because it wasn’t made of a decent and modest feeling plastic, so I was strangely satisfied with how scratch and dent section the manufacture quality is.


In this case, you sort of need the 3310’s plan to feel shabby and bright, essentially to guarantee it separations itself as far away as conceivable from the advanced leader handsets of today. What’s more, that it does. It’s lumbering, crude and each catch press reminds you exactly how modest the telephone truly is.

The 3310 likewise comes in some truly brilliant neon hues, which make the entire client encounter much more crude, yet fun, as well. All things considered, it feels awesome in the hand. Light, keen and straightforward.


Display of Nokia 3310

Nokia new 3310 handset expands on the first 1.5-inch monochrome show with a 2.4-inch 240 x 320-pixel screen, which is a significant overhaul.



As you’d expect, it’s not keeping pace with present day gauges but rather that is the magnificence of it. This handset is about making tracks in an opposite direction from the cleaned 1080-pixel screens that we’ve come to underestimate. Despite everything it does the employment. It’s brilliant, clean, and as pixelated as any mid 2000 handset seemed to be, and it’s this that makes you need one.

Performance of Nokia 3310

Exploring to and from the fundamental menu and back again is made straightforward with the 3310’s physical keys. A directional cushion is joined by Back and Call catches.

Regarding the Internet, the 3310 has 2.5G, so you can surf the web with the Opera Mini program. You can get on Facebook and Twitter in the event that you need to, however don’t expect a liquid iPhone-esque experience. Furthermore, it likewise has great old SMS informing and a phonebook you can store every one of your companions’ numbers in so you can call them.

Playing around with the 3310 was a joy. It was no place close as smart as your present handsets, and this in itself takes you ideal back to less difficult circumstances.


The fundamental concern when experimenting with the 3310 surprisingly was: “Does it come packaged with a standout amongst the most addictive amusements ever: Snake?” Thankfully, I can affirm that it does. Be that as it may, don’t get excessively energized.


The retro handset amusement has been given a makeover, and not positively. You now control a more enlivened reptile that gathers red apples from different focuses over the screen, and as I would like to think, it’s much excessively bustling at this point. You can even travel slantingly. The genuine excellence of Snake was that it was straightforward, and Nokia shouldn’t have strayed too a long way from the amusement we as a whole know and love. By the by, the way that it’s there at all is sufficient to make us become hopelessly enamored with the 3310 once more.


The 3310’s poor determination guarantees battery life doesn’t baffle. This thing can be charged and left lying around on standby for a month prior to it needs squeezing up once more, and you can talk for a whole day without expecting to go after the microUSB link. It’s additionally got a 3.5mm earphone jack for MP3 playback, something even the most recent iPhone doesn’t have. There’s likewise MicroSD card space under the battery inside the telephone’s packaging.


You can’t contrast the 3310’s 2-megapixel camera with those included in cell phones of today. Recall the main cell phone camera you at any point utilized – that is the means by which the 3310 feels. The gadget’s washed out, low quality snaps look perfectly wistful in their own particular right. In spite of an extremely restricted offering, the Nokia 3310’s capacity to take you back in time is conceivably the telephone’s best element.


The Nokia 3310 will undoubtedly make waves in the telephone advertise upon discharge, not just due to the buildup of sentimentality, something that is by all accounts the “in” thing with trendy people right now, additionally in light of the fact that it offers something genuinely extraordinary that is deficient in the cell phone industry: straightforwardness and the stripping back to minimum necessities.



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