OnePlus-5 solution for common problems

The OnePlus 5 is the successor of the OnePlus 3T and after the release of a flagship, we are starting to see a lot of complaints. However, there is not always great joy about the release of the new top smartphone.

OnePlus 5 owners complaints about GPS issues, mysterious image errors when scrolling, Bluetooth and WiFi signals cutting out if the phone is held a certain way, camera problems, and even poor battery life.

If you’re facing these common problems with your OnePlus 5 then GSMOrigin try to provide the best solution for these problems.

Problems with the Wi-Fi
Some users report that the OnePlus 5 does not have Internet access despite a connection to its W-Fi network.

A software update from the company seems to fix Wi-Fi problems. Normally you caught this update the first time you turned on the phone. If not, make sure to head into settings > about phone > and check for updates and install a new software update.

If you still facing this problem then turn off Wi-Fi from your device and also reboot your home Wi-Fi router.

Another option is to head into phone setting, Wi-Fi and then forgot your network. Then search again and reconnect by putting your password.

Problem with Bluetooth
Bluetooth connectivity problems normally occur in a car, first, you have to restart your phone and try again or you have to restart your phone and car Bluetooth together and then try to pair up.
Alternatively, you have deleted all paired device and starting over for better bond. If so, expect to OnePlus release new update to fix this issue.

Screen wobbles when scrolling
If you scroll through your Twitter or Facebook feed, the screen wobbles. The picture is restless and the process is not smooth. The same problem also occurs in menus or on web pages?

In the web, the phenomenon is known as “jelly scrolling”. Both in the official OnePlus forum and on Reddit several users have reported. OnePlus is currently investigating the bug. There is no solution yet.


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