iPhone release date

The iPhone 8 is one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year, and today we can have more news of its possible launch date, its hardware features such as RAM, chipset, display and different types of storage.

Apple one of the companies that have always focus on software more than hardware. In the area of the processor, there is nothing in rivalry on the grounds that TSMC only the producer of Apple A10 SoC and is required to be the sole provider of the A11 chip too.

This year we have seen a smartphone the OnePlus 5, which has tried to imitate the iPhone 7 Plus in almost everything, while iPhone has always opted for a smaller amount due to its operating system, iOS, does not require as much power because it has a better optimization of its resources and processes. That is why we will not see a big change in the iPhone 8 in the hardware.

As it has been possible to make an idea on which possible date iPhone 8 presented. We do not have a specific day although according to this tweet we can know that it will be the week of September 17, which means that it will probably be the 22nd of September since all the iPhone that have come to market have left a day Friday. This indicates that your filing date will be in the first week of September as it usually takes two weeks to put it up for sale.


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