Once it has been confirmed that it will be in October when the new Google Pixel 2 will be officially presented, it has now been possible to know what the quality of the main camera that will integrate into those models. A photograph that has been published in the “culprit” of this and, the truth is that they point out in good manners.

The truth is that the expectations we have regarding this flagship Google Pixel 2, which we will see if it is finally the same in the two variants that will be put on the market – since the model with a smaller screen is manufactured by HTC and, the phablet, LG will be the chosen one. We say that because the first generation of this product range made great photos.

Well yes, this is what has been published and what allows knowing, more or less, what will offer in the section of the quality “the new Google Pixel 2”. And how has the image been achieved? Well, in the code of the page that appears the teaser with the date of the presentation of the new models of the company of Mountain View, something that will take place next the 4 of October. The image is the one we leave below:

Photo by Google-Pixel 2

For what has to do with the processor, the chosen for these phones will be a Snapdragon 835 from Qualcomm; 4 GB of RAM; at least one variant with 128 gigabytes of storage; 12 megapixel main camera (8 MP front); and in what has to do with the operating system, the version that is expected to the Google Pixel 2 is Android Oreo 8.1.

We will see if all this is confirmed, and especially what has to do with the dimensions of the screens, where it seems that the smaller model would have a panel of 5.2 inches and the other Google Pixel 2, would rise to 5.7.


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