Rovio is well-known for Angry Birds, globally launched its latest game Battle Bay. Unlike all major games launched by Rovio, this is not sequel of Angry Birds.

Rovio guarantees to provide exactly the same level of entertainment to its fans though you will find no further Angry Birds in Rovio games. Whilst the creator claims, Battle Bay is real time multiplayer combat area inside your pocket.
Nevertheless, this time around you will be selecting different class of ship in the place of an Angry Bird, add it and some weapons and begin placing the stress in your competitors. Based on Rovio, Battle Bay performs as a MOBA, as people undertake rivals and may join bigger fleets of partners.

The overall game functions various courses of boats, each using their own niche that suits a specific game-style. For instance, the Enforcer is a superb harm seller, while the Opponent is just a flying container that is almost indestructible.

Your battle ship could be prepared with capabilities, in addition to numerous guns, armors, products. People may even alter all of the products contained in the sport.

Fight Bay has become readily available for download free of charge via Google Play and Apple App store.

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