samsung-C7 Pro

Samsung New C series is now basically concerned about the dual camera in the GALAXY C10 above, but other new flagships also seem quite bright spot. One of them is the Galaxy C7 2017, which is the successor of the Galaxy C7 and C7 Pro which was released last year.

This leaked about the type of processor used in the Galaxy C7 2017 series, where reportedly this phone will use Exynos 7872 chipset as a mainstay.

In addition, other information also leaked about the build number of software used in Galaxy C7 2017, namely C7100CHC0AQF6.

In other words, this phone will carry the model number SM-C7100 which is clearly a model of Galaxy C7 phones for China and C710F for Asia/Europe.

Exynos 7872 is staying as Samsung’s first chipset with hexa-core CPU, and this processor will be built using the 14nm process and can be considered as an alternative to Snapdragon 650. Many others think that Exynos 7972 is a true competitor of Snapdragon 650.

Another interesting thing about this processor is the WCDMA support embedded in it. Making these chips reach Meizu, to be embedded in their upcoming devices.


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