Samsung Galaxy X Specification, Price, and Review

Samsung is one of the famous and reputed mobile phone manufacturing company in the world. It has shown a lot of success and advancement in the cellular world and brought a new era where people can easily access the world by using their Smartphones. The company has introduced a variety of Smartphones which includes Samsung Galaxy J series, Samsung Galaxy A series, Galaxy Note series, Galaxy C series and Galaxy S series.

All the series of Samsung are top-rated and extraordinary in all aspects. Recently we have noticed some info regarding the Galaxy S series mobile phone, the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Samsung Galaxy S10 Edge. These reports are not authentic, but according to the rumors and new the upcoming Samsung Galaxy X smartphone will be very powerful, fast and have some unique features. In this review, we will discuss some of its main features and specifications, The release date of Samsung Galaxy X and its price not announced yet. But these are just assumptions and thoughts.

The forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 or Galaxy X smartphone may have following specifications.

Samsung Galaxy X Design and Display

While the launch of the Galaxy X is imminent, we still do not know what this foldable smartphone will look like. According to the latest leaks, the Galaxy X screen made of plastic with flexible OLED material and would bend inward. Thus, it might be possible to use the smartphone as a tablet. Another patent, however, suggests that the Galaxy X is a simple flip-flop smartphone without hinges. Other sources imagine a smartphone that can be wrapped like a bracelet around the wrist, but this assumption is unlikely.

Samsung Galaxy X Design and Display

A new patent filed by Samsung has come to confirm the theory of foldable dual-screen connected by a metal hinge. These images specify that the Galaxy X can be folded in all directions thanks to its central hinge. A Video on YouTube just released a new video revealing the sublime design of the Galaxy X with a tablet mode and PC mode particularly interesting.

These are just rumors, and we are not sure about these specifications. These assumptions are based entirely on the reports and info from various new and websites.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera

Samsung is famous for the Camera it uses in its Smartphones. They are unique and extremely potent to capture high-quality images and record lifelike videos.

According to the predictions, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy X will have a 30-megapixel camera at rear and 20-megapixel at the front for selfies. We do not know the exact Megapixel of the camera but considering this S series it will be powerful enough to capture lifelike photographs and images.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera

Samsung Galaxy X Specs

All questions currently orbit around the design of the Galaxy X, and no one really wonders what will be the technical characteristics of this futuristic smartphone. In fact, we do not know everything about the technical data sheet of the device. Presumably, the Galaxy X should offer performance worthy of a flagship. We can expect a data sheet similar to that of the Galaxy Note 8, perhaps even that of the future Galaxy S9.

Samsung Galaxy X Specs

The forthcoming Samsung Galaxy X smartphone will have following features.

  • Facial Recognitions to lock and unlock the device.
  • IP68 certified, make phone water and dust resistant
  • In-display fingerprint scanner
  • Corning Gorilla Glass protection
  • 8 GB Ram with 250 GB internal storage
  • Edge screen cover full front like Galaxy S8
  • Android Oreo 8.0
  • Always on Display technology for notification and alert
  • Bixby technology which Samsung used in its earlier smartphones
  • Bezel-less display
  • Wireless Charging

These features are just assumptions and expectations. The real specification will come out when Samsung releases any information and reports of Samsung Galaxy S10 Edge mobile phone.

Samsung Galaxy X: price and release date

IWhen this device the Samsung Galaxy X will release? There is a big question mark. But According to the rumors, Samsung would first test this new technology in the real world and measure the enthusiasm of consumers in his native home before deciding whether to mass produce for the rest of the world. In other words, the first Galaxy X is likely to become an extremely valuable collector’s item, marking the beginning of a new era for the mobile phone industry.

Samsung Galaxy X: price and release date

A rumor claimed that the Galaxy X could finally come out in December 2018, in time of holiday season. DJ Koh, the CEO of Samsung, wiped out this theory at a press conference held at the CES in Las Vegas. According to him, the foldable smartphone still faces some design problems in its user experience. His exit is postponed to 2019.


The forthcoming Samsung Galaxy X smartphone will be very compelling and will have distinctive qualities and features. Considering the review, specification and rumors the device is capable of setting new records and achieve new heights in the cellular world. The time will be the judge to decide the life and strength of Samsung Galaxy X.



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