stretchable display

Samsung unveil world first “stretchable” display panel at the US tech fair, company said on Monday.

The company stated the OLED screen is exclusive while it can bend on both direction, while the previous OLED panel could only bend in one direction.

The display is likely to be displayed in the SID 2017 located from the Culture for Info Show, that’ll operate to Friday in La from Wednesday.

The 9.1-inch Stretch OLED display panel will be displayed at SID 2017 which is organized by “The Society for Information Display” which is kicks off from Tuesday to Thursday in Los Angeles Convention Center.

stretchable display

Business watchers said the show calls than every other shows on the market for more difficult technology, and certainly will be viewed the best item in engineering that was flexible.

The organization stated around 12 millimeters may extend nevertheless keeps a higher level of quality, but when pushed.

Samsung Show plans -inch variations of the display that is stretchable. The merchandise is likely to be popular on products that follow the Web of intelligence systems or Issues.



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