C-Lab introduce three new porject at ces 2018

Samsung announced that it will introduce 3 new innovations from the C-Lab (Creative Lab) program at CES 2018 Consumer Electronics Show. In addition, seven newly established subsidiaries, which are independent of C-Lab, will also be presenting their own products at CES to explore new business opportunities. C-Lab developments incorporate S-Ray (Sound-Ray) compact directional speakers, GoBreath Rehabilitation Solutions, and Relúmĭno glasses.

C-Lab is a start-up venture funded by Samsung in December 2012 with the goal of finding new ideas within Samsung and nurturing the founding of new startups. In 2015, C-Lab introduced a spin-off policy to help Samsung employees who have successfully completed the C-Lab project self-start their business. Samsung supports the spin-off of companies through seed funding and business consulting to accelerate the growth of startups and ensure their independence.

Jay Y. Lee, vice president and director of Samsung Electronics Creative Innovation Center, said, “C-Lab has helped to foster an innovative corporate culture since it was launched 5 years ago and provide creative and talented employees within Samsung to innovate. The c-lab project will continue to launch innovative projects. ”

S-Ray (S-Ray)

S-Ray (S-Ray) is a portable directional speaker that users can take with them. Due to size and price constraints, existing directional speakers are mostly fixed, but the S-Ray features a unique system module that is both smaller and lighter while retaining the benefits of a traditional directional speaker or headset. S-Ray can avoid wearing the headset caused by discomfort, and to avoid other Bluetooth speakers may cause interference. At CES 2018, Samsung will also showcase S-Ray product options such as the Neckband, Handy, and Smartphone Covers.


GoBreath is a recovery solution designed for patients with impaired lungs and postoperative pulmonary complications after general anesthesia. Such patients need deep breathing to speed recovery, and they typically use the traditional helper inspirometer in the process, but taking a deep breath to them is challenging for those who have had surgery for lung pain.

A doctor at Samsung Medical Center proposed the GoBreath concept to help patients recover faster. GoBreath includes a portable device and mobile apps that teach the patient some basic tips, such as breathing, coughing or deep breathing. Patients can check the health of their lungs by referring to the Rehabilitation Guide through the app. GoBreath also provides physicians with online and cloud services that allow physicians to monitor the patient’s progress and remind them to do well.

Relúmĭno Glasses

Relúmĭno helps people with visual impairments read more clearly when reading books or reading things. The Relúmĭno app debuted at MWC 2017 and subsequently developed Relúmĭno glasses that are more comfortable to use and more responsive. Through the processor and battery design, glasses can work with smartphones to make Relúmĭno glasses lightweight and comfortable to wear. By the wisdom of mobile phone processing from the glasses camera projection images, and the processed images sent to Relúmĭno glasses monitor to help the wearer to see more clearly.

New subsidiary:

LINKFLOW has developed a neck-mount 360-degree panoramic camera that records full HD video from a first-person perspective. Through the automatic splicing technology, allowing users to instantly play the video. Initially, the product targeted individual travelers and athletes, but after splitting into independent start-ups, it also explored new opportunities in the preservation market. Commercial B2B models will be the global security company for sale.

Kitten Planet builds an ultrasonic toothbrush for children called “Brush Monster” to educate children how to brush their teeth efficiently through AR augmented reality. Kids enjoy brushing their teeth with a range of fun features such as collecting monster images and sharing selfie photos.

lululab has developed AI artificial intelligence skin care assistant “Lumini”. This artificial intelligence algorithm captures and analyzes facial images to intelligently predict future skin problems and recommend the best products to customers based on accumulated test data. The solution works through a variety of devices such as portable devices, Kiosk, and kanban.

KIDSOFT has developed Carrie Watch to help children develop good habits and improve their cognitive abilities. With this watch, children can plan activities with their parents and receive rewards for the correct job. In addition, parents can measure the child’s attention through this device. The company completed a joint research project with the Seoul National University Hospital to develop a model for child behavior development.

Mangoslab has successfully launched a smart notepad printer called “nemonic”. Users can freely print memos and practical built-in templates via their smartphones. Store and manage data on the cloud server for up to 20 people simultaneously using a Bluetooth connection to share the device.

Innomdle Lab has developed an innovative watch strap, “sgnl,” that vibrates whenever voice signals are received over Bluetooth. This vibration will be transmitted to the fingertips by hand. When the fingertip is placed in the ear, the vibration changes back to sound. This device allows people in a quiet environment, keep the privacy of making and receiving calls. The company has reached a crowdfunding of more than $ 2 million and will soon release results for backers.

Analogue plus developed a smart headset “Ahead” for helmets users. When using a small tool attached to a helmet, both hands and ears remain flexible. Through the use of Ahead, locomotives and cyclists, skiers and workers in hazardous environments can safely answer calls and enjoy music.




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