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Apparently, Samsung will not listen to the public and will continue to do some things that have “bothered” many. Every day that passes many companies improves their technologies and designs to present them to the world and in this aspect, the Korean manufacturer has always kept the head of the news. The design of the Galaxy S8 is beautiful but has a defect that makes us all suffer, location of the fingerprint sensor. A flaw that we probably also have in its next generation, the Samsung Galaxy S9.

It could be called non-conformity or discomfort rather than a defect, since technically the fingerprint sensor works perfectly on the Galaxy S8, a sensor that blew us all with its spectacular infinity display. According to rumors, the design of its next model will be identical.


The main annoyance of the users when using the Galaxy S8 is to make a mistake when placing the finger to unlock the smartphone. Usually, we put our finger on the glass of the camera and obviously, nothing happens; making us feel losers.The rumors that have been forged around this controversial subject say that Samsung placed the fingerprint sensor there as a desperate measure. Since time was running out, you had to get the sensor and did not have a better idea or optimized design. We know very well that the company has long been working on the fingerprint sensor on the screen, but the results of the tests have not been as expected.

In the report presented by KGI mention that from the offices of the Korean manufacturer do not feel pressure to implement the fingerprint sensor on the screen since the Apple would not have it on their next iPhone. The group of analysts also said that “as the Samsung Galaxy S9 will have improved iris recognition and dual camera, Samsung will not have to risk adopting this technology hastily”.S9 sensor

Where will we see the fingerprint sensor on the screen?

As of KGI report that Samsung will implement the fingerprint sensor on the screen in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, so this could come true within a year. And on the other hand, the Korean company would change supplier and manufacturer of the fingerprint sensor, it would be Egis the chosen one. This would naturally imply an increase in the cost of the phone since the ‘Egis’ sensor has a cost of 4 and 5 times that of its current supplier.
This kind of rumors makes us clear that the next Samsung Galaxy S9 will be similar to the Galaxy S8 in terms of the design and location of the sensor, there is nothing more to wait and be attentive to the rumors. Enough are the leaks and rumors that come to light every day of the week, so if we have to wait a year we will surely be full of them in a short time.
Tell us, do you think the location of the fingerprint sensor is wrong? What do you think of the fingerprint sensor on the screen? We expect your opinions in the comments. We will wait for you!


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