Sharp Aquos S3 with 5.9-inch full screen mobile phone certified by NCC

Sharp’s new generation of full-screen mobile phones SHARP AQUOS S3 has been NCC certified on December 29, under the hands of Chinese Manufacturers who is responsible for a production process. In addition to exposing the model number will be the FS8032, support for 4G full frequency, from the image shows that the Aquos S3 has the dual camera on its back with a fingerprint sensor, but also a continuation of AQUOS S2 curved back cover Design; With the Aquos S3 NCC certified.

The Sharp Aquos S3 with model FS8032 was previously exposed on the Geekbench database and is powered by the Android 8.0 (Oreo) with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 mobile platform with 4GB of RAM. The other FS8015 also passed the certification of NCC on November 28. The back of the phone is the same as the FS8032. The FS8015 is equipped with a 5: 18: 9: 18: 9 aspect ratio Full HD + full screen with 16-megapixel front and 12 megapixel rear + 2-megapixel dual camera with standard version (4GB RAM / 64GB ROM) and Pro version (6GB RAM / 128GB ROM) two versions.


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