Sharp soon begins mass-production of OLED panels for smartphone

In a recent interview with Taipei Times, Sharp President and CEO Dai Zhengwu said: “Sharp will be able to mass-produce OLED panels as soon as the first quarter of this year. Besides, Sharp will launch its own OLED panel equipped smartphone from June to September of this year.

According to sources, Sharp actively follow the field of OLED screen, and it is to supply Apple iPhone X OLED screen. However, South Korean manufacturer Samsung Electronics has already begun to provide OLED panels on large-scale to global smartphones manufacturers, and LG Display has long been the primary mobile phone manufacturers to give the corresponding OLED screen. It can be seen in this competition on the OLED screen, Japanese companies have taken the plunge.

Earlier there are reports that Sharp intends to ally with Japan Display OLED technology, and South Korea OLED manufacturers Samsung, LG to compete. The OLED screen produced by Japan Display has just begun to supply Sony and other brands.

At present, on global level OLED screen is primarily provided by Samsung and LG, while the small size OLED screen occupies a 98.5% share while the large size OLED screen currently holds the dominant position of LG. As for the future, it is not easy for Sharp to “take food from tiger mouth” from South Korean manufacturers.



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