It is common to hear in our environment someone who complains about technology, claiming that it isolates us from reality, but, we can tell you that this statement is not entirely accurate. Is it possible to share a pleasant time in a group with friends using technology? Of course! And we will show you.

Want to play with your friends? So why not challenge them on one of the best mobile multiplayer games?

Within the broad world of mobile Apps, there is a variety of games to have fun with a group of friends. Looking for multiplayer games within the Google Play Store and Apple Apps store, we highlight 7 amazing Apps to play in a group with friends.

This selection of the best games to play multiplayer will be updated regularly as our favourites in this area are listed below.

GuessUp! Party Charades

Although it is already one of the most popular ultimate heads-up games in the world that guaranteed to you spend the best time with your friends and family. The company Cosmocode has designed this game in particular way that helps to understand easy and give fun at the same time.

The game has more than 15 different categories to which you can add according to your interest. Playing game is simple, one person places his mobile on his forehead, and the rest make signs and gestures until he guesses the word, once guessed, you must turn the mobile down, if you do not, you must flip it up.

Available for Android and iOS

Heads Up

Similar to charades, but with a technological component. A player puts the phone on his forehead, and the others try to help him guess what the app says, trying to guess as many times as possible before the time runs out. Meanwhile, the smartphone records everything that happens.

Available for Android and iOS

Drink Bomb

This game made especially for dynamic people, one must answer the questions as quickly as possible and pass the phone to another player to avoid the bomb exploding in their hands. In addition to the classic style, it includes the Happy and Party modes, in which the punishments for those who lose are to drink a certain amount of alcohol.

Drink Bomb

Available for Android and iOS


A dance game that uses the motion sensor of your smartphone to make you move. What sets Bounden apart is that it is designed to be played with a partner.Each dancer holds one end of the mobile and tilts the device to move a sphere that appears on the screen through a ring path. The players move their arms, twist their bodies and, without realising it, end up dancing.

Available for Android and iOS


QuizUp is a quiz game, as indicated by its name, which offers a lot of themes for you to challenge your friends but also the 25 million registered players.
Its significant strength is to propose hundreds of quiz topics.

Available for Android and iOS


Undoubtedly the best multiplayer billiards game. You will be able to challenge your friends whether they are on Android or iPhone, but also millions of players around the world.

Available for Android and iOS


The soul of an artist? Sort of Draw is winning; this multiplayer cross-platform game will allow you to give free rein to your creativity. So do not wait and play with friends or strangers from around the world.

Available for Android and iOS

Enough talk, you just have to challenge your friends on one of these best Android and iPhone multiplayer games  (and free on top of that) just to see who the boss is!


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