Huawei P20 Specs and Features

New information has been leaked regarding the Huawei P20, the model that the Chinese firm will present at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) as the successor to the P10. The information that has been revealed has to do with the main camera of each of the three models that the company will announce at the Barcelona event.

This model, which will not maintain the evolution of the nomenclature of Huawei’s high-end smartphones since it would correspond to the P10, will be different from what has to do with the number of sensors that the Huawei P20 rear camera will offer. This is because, as has been known, there will be three included. In this way, good behavior will be maintained with the black and white shots, but the step will be taken to use a hybrid zoom of up to 5X and it is aimed at a resolution of no less than 40 megapixels. Obviously, there will be a possibility to use the ‘Portrait Mode’.

Upcoming Three versions of the Huawei P20

Yes, this is another info that has been known thanks to the images that have been published at slash-leaks and that we leave behind this paragraph. Thus, these will be the models that will exist of the new range of which we speak and, each of them, has a different placement of the rear sensors of the main camera: Huawei P20; Huawei P20 Plus; and Huawei P20 Pro.

Huawei P20 Series

Each of the devices that make up the new product range offer differential details respecting others, such as the Huawei P20 Pro will be the best use of the screen on the front. In addition, this will be the only one that will have the fingerprint reader located in the back (the other two will have located this accessory on the front). Apart, the panels may have different dimensions.

Leaked Specs of Huawei P20
Yes, there will be enough hardware that will be common in all the models we are talking about and that will be presented at the MWC in Barcelona. An example is that the processor they will use will be the Kirin 970 that already includes the Mate 10 that we have analyzed and, in addition, 6 GB of RAM will be those that include all the versions of the Huawei P20 range as well as 64 GB of expandable storage.


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