Top 5 alternative to iTunes

iTunes is the default application for iOS users to transfer music to iPhone, iPod, iPad on Mac and Windows PC. Sometimes using iTunes to transfer music to the iPhone can become a huge headache. If you want to free yourself from the complications of iTunes and avoid deleting any iTunes content, here is the best alternative to iTunes for transferring music without iTunes.

How to put music on iPhone without iTunes

Do you know that you can add music to the iPhone without iTunes? Do you even know that you can download music without iTunes to iPhone, iPod and iPad? Here are several alternatives of iTunes to transfer music to iOS devices.

1. AnyTrans

AnyTrans is the best alternative to iTunes used for any type of App transfer, music libraries, multimedia content and much more. This application is becoming famous for its easy use, fast speed, restoration capability, music library reconstruction, easy connectivity with multiple devices and many more. These entire qualities make the application more reliable compared to iTunes. Simply connect your iOS device to your computer and then use the Add button to pass your music to iPhone, iPod, iPad without iTunes.

  • It’s Allow transferring files from one iOS device to another iOS device
  • You can restore data even from the iTunes backup
  • Convert multimedia file formats as needed
  • You can play iTunes playlists from old iPods
  • Allows the creation of a music library
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac
  • Available at Price: $ 39.99

2. Media Monkey

Media Monkey is alternative to free iTunes. It allows you to manage music, synchronize or transfer your music to iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android devices, just like iTunes for Mac. To synchronize music with iOS devices, you can go to Tools> Synchronize Devices and select the option Automatic Synchronization or Selected Synchronization for start playing music on the iPhone without iTunes.

  • Plays audio and video files
  • Manage your music, videos, podcasts and record CDs
  • Sync music with iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android devices
  • Only works with Windows OS
  • Available Free and Purchased Version at 24.95 $ (Gold Version with lots of features)

3. iTools

iTool is another alternative to iTunes that has excellent compatibility with Mac, as well as with Windows. iTools is much more similar to iTunes, so it is very useful for those users who have difficulty working with new software and unknown interfaces. iTools has the same sidebar with options similar to those of iTunes and both share similar functions such as transferring music files, managing Apps, converting the file format and allow to connect iOS devices with each other.

  • It is very helpful to manage, delete, and restore multimedia files
  • Easy to transfer any type of Apps and file between iOS devices
  • Help manage and transfer the data from an iOS to a PC
  • Allows the creation of a music library
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows
  • Price: Free

4. SharePod

SharePod is a transfer tool for Mac and Windows users to transfer music to iPod, iPad, iPhone without iTunes. You can also use SharePod to play and manage your music. You also have the ability to organize music and create playlists or a library. When you start SharePod and connect your iPhone to your computer, you can only select “Copy to iPhone” and choose the music files that you would like to add to the iPhone without iTunes.

  • Transfer music to iPhone, iPod, iPad
  • Organize the iPhone library and playlist
  • Play music inside the application like iTunes
  • Compatible with both operating system Mac and Windows
  • Price: 20 $

5. CopyTrans Manager

CopyTrans Manager is an alternative to free iTunes that allows you to copy music to your iPhone, iPad, iPod without using iTunes on Windows PC. To use CopyTrans Manager, it is not necessary to install or start iTunes like the other alternatives to iTunes. It can only work well on synchronized data, while it comes with missing features compared to iTunes.

This software is completely Free and only compatible with Windows.



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