What is USB debugging mode

USB Debug mode is specially designed for Android Developers. Debugging facilitates communication between your smartphone and your computer via cable or Bluetooth, through the Android SDK (Software Development Kit). Not only it is very useful for Android Developers, but it is also used by normal users to perform other procedures such as installing a Custom ROM (to update the software version of the device), Rootear our device (to obtain the super user permissions), install a custom Recovery (to restore the operating system of device), etc …

With USB debug mode we have access from the computer to the inside of our device system. Now, let’s see how to activate it in LG G4


Step 1: Go to the Settings > about phone > Software info
Step 2: Scroll down to find “Build number” and hit seven times. Then you have noticed “Developer mode has been enabled“
Step 3: Return to the previous screen and press “Developer Options “under the system. Check the box next to “USB debugging “. Finally, press OK to enable USB to debug mode.



Now we have activated the USB Debug mode on the LG G4, we can have access to many options to optimize the performance and appearance of your device.


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