Now currently most popular messenger WhatsApp is completely free, but this may seem to change in the future. For now, there are hints about that certain WhatsApp features could be charged in future.

A hint is dipped at Reddit discussion, that WhatsApp in the future not everything could be free of charge. Currently, WhatsApp management team looking for a “Product Manager, Monetization”. But whoever looks more closely at the position display should be reassured. Because it says: “WhatsApp is seeking an exceptional individual to lead product development for our monetization efforts. If you are a leader who has demonstrated experience in building products, has an empathy for both consumers and businesses, has a strong bias for action, wants to understand and unlock the potential of WhatsApp to serve millions of businesses we would be excited to hear from you”. This is the business sector in which WhatsApp wants to be more represented in the future, because there is money to earn, especially in the B2B area. Let’s see what happens to WhatsApp.

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