The Xiaomi Mi 7 is expected for April, 2018 with wireless charging

When Apple introduced the iPhone 8 many were surprised to include wireless charging. The Xiaomi had never given special importance to the way of charging their phones, neither in technology nor in speed.

His change of attitude was reaffirmed by the announcement of the iPhone X, which also comes with that technology.

As we know the way of charging our mobile and is that if a company can put something in fashion, that is Apple. And that signatures like LG and especially Samsung have been betting on this technology for years.

The company that will follow the steps of Apple and Samsung in this 2018, or at least the first of them, is Xiaomi. A few months ago we informed you that the manufacturer had signed up to the Qi consortium to be able to make devices that were compatible with this wireless charging system.

Now it is confirmed that the first mobile of the company that will have this function will be the Xiaomi Mi7, of which we had already known some data as it will come with a larger screen, with OLED technology, with the Snapdragon 845 processor and with the fingerprint sensor in the back area.

We assume that the elegant and accurate glass design of the Xiaomi Mi 6 is maintained, which would allow introducing the load by contact without forced changes of materials.


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